Dental implants provide a permanent solution to replace lost or damaged teeth. Our dental implants are made of tiny metal frames or posts that are strategically placed in the mouth by a dental professional. These structures fit into the jawbone and are completely hidden underneath your gums. Once in place, doctors can fit new teeth onto them. You can find affordable dental implants in Larnaca, Cyprus at Dental Clinic.

There are a wide number of reasons why you might need a dental implant. You may have lost some of your teeth or damaged your teeth due to severe dental issues such as gum disease. Or, you could have knocked one or two out in an accident. Either way, it’s quite possible that a new dental implant is the right choice for you. dental implants are becoming the standard procedure to fix this type of issue and are highly popular because they are a more effective long term solution compared to dentures, bridges, and crowns.

Why Are Dental Implants So Secure?

Dental Implants in Larnaca Cyprus by BestDentistLarnaca.comOur dental implants are perceived as the best long-term solution for replacement teeth because they are more secure when compared with the alternatives. But why is this? It all depends on the materials that are used. Dental implants can be put in place with medical-grade titanium. Once this has been fitted into the jawbone overtime, it actually fuses to the bone. Due to this, it provides the perfect structure for new teeth to be put in place, and some of the common issues with replacement teeth are completely avoided.

For instance, people with dental implants hardly ever have to deal with the issue of movements like slippage and can eat perfectly naturally. It won’t affect how a patient smiles and they feel completely natural.
Building The Dental Implant

The build of the dental implant is designed to naturally replicate the natural structure of the tooth including the crown and the roots. As such, dental implants tend to have three parts.

The first is the implant. This is a small metallic screw that is fixed to the jawline and can eventually fuse to the cells in the bone. On top of this, you have the abutment. The abutment is a permanent fixture unless it needs to be removed by your doctor. It connects to the implant and is used to hold the new teeth or singular tooth. Finally, you have the crown. This is the only part of the teeth that you will be able to see once they have been implanted. The new artificial tooth can be made of metal or porcelain. Porcelain is often preferred as it perfectly matches the aesthetic of a natural tooth.
How Can Dental Implants Be Used?
Implants Procedure in our Dental Clinic in Larnaca dental implants can be used in a variety of different ways to treat issues with teeth. The can replace a single tooth, a few teeth or a complete set of teeth on the upper or lower section of the mouth. If a full replacement is needed there are specialist treatments that make things easier. For instance, you can get our all-on-four treatment.

Here, a surgeon will install four implants and use them to attach a completely new set of teeth. This is one of the reasons why dental implants have become so popular. They are an efficient, effective way of ensuring that everyone can have the perfect smile, no matter how severe their dental issues may be.

If a patient is missing a few teeth, they may be able to receive multiple implants. To do this, it is important that the surrounding teeth and the gums are still healthy. Usually, a couple of fixtures are put in place and then the crown is set in position. This allows healthy teeth to be left alone. The multiple implants does provide the option for patients to avoid the full implant. However, in some cases, the all-on-four will be the better solution, even if it does involve removing the full arch of teeth.

You might have lost one tooth due to an accident. Perhaps you cracked it when you fell over, or maybe you suffer from periodontal disease. With new sophisticated technology and medical procedures, one tooth can easily be replaced, using a dental implant. The good news is that no one will be able to tell the difference. In fact, once the tooth is installed, you will have a hard time remembering which one of your own teeth is a prosthetic.
Benefits Of Dental Implants

There are numerous benefits of getting a dental implant compared with some of the other treatment options. The main advantage for you as a patient is certainly going to be the aesthetic appeal. The new implant will look exactly like a regular, natural tooth. But that’s definitely not the only benefit. It will feel like a regular tooth as well. You won’t experience any level of discomfort. You will be able to chew naturally, smile perfectly and speak without any issues at all. You won’t feel any pain, and the teeth won’t move, no matter how many you have replaced.

But there are also health benefits. Implants can actually help stop you losing bone in the jaw. You may not realize this, but bone loss actually begins as soon as a tooth is lost. It’s a natural occurrence and one that can have devastating consequences. You might have difficulty eating, and you could develop a sunken in face that ages you dramatically. A dental implant can prevent all of these issues and ensure that you don’t lose any of the bone in your jaw.

Using an implant will also benefit your diet. You’ll be able to eat the full range of foods that you have always been used to including harder, healthier snacks.

Regarding longevity, a bridge dental treatment will last seven to ten years. Implants will last a lifetime and will allow you to keep the teeth that are still healthy. As well as this they don’t need to be adjusted like a flipper or dentures and will not cause the further loss of the teeth next to it.

For these reasons, if you need a tooth replacement or multiple teeth in your mouth have been lost, a dental implant by Dental Clinic Larnaca is the ultimate option. Contact us today to find out more about this possibility and discover why it could be the right choice for you.

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