Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

As you might guess from its name, cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry that focuses on repairing cosmetic issues with the teeth. These types of procedures can address everything from chipped teeth and discoloration to misaligned or missing teeth.

Taking your chance at cosmetic dentistry will surely take your smile to greater heights. This field boasts restorative and physical enhancements that will surely give you the results you want. Getting your teeth fixed is one step to a more confident version of yourself. Know the different types of procedures you can choose from and decide from there. Here are just a few of the different types of cosmetic procedures that are available:

Pearly Whites

People tend to worry about the appearance of their teeth, and problems relating to their color is major source of concern for many. They don’t want discoloration to be the thing they notice first when they look at themselves in the mirror. However, that’s how many people feel, and it can lead to major problems with insecurity. It’s hard to live a fulfilled and outgoing kind of life when you feel crippled by self-doubt regarding your appearance. It’s not something that you have to put up with, though.

Teeth Whitening Procedure in Larnaca CyprusThe best teeth whitening services are offered by us here at bestdentistlarnaca.com Dental Center.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common treatments in cosmetic dentistry that people ask for. There is nothing better than a brilliant smile that lights up your face. Getting this procedure will remove the stains on your teeth and fix the discoloration from caffeine or food that you usually ingest. Also known as teeth bleaching, it can brighten any smile, any day.

Yellow or discolored teeth can detract from your appearance, making you look unkempt or older than you really are. Professional tooth whitening can restore your teeth to a brighter shade again, shaving years off your appearance and helping you look your best.

We understand that this might seem like a small thing to some, but to others, it’s anything but. If you’re not happy with the appearance and color of your teeth, it’s time to take action and learn more about what our professional teeth whitening services might be able to do for you.

Once you have rid yourself of this problem, you will feel a lot better about your overall appearance. And that’s when your confidence will start to grow as well. For such a small, quick, and painless procedure, the implications it has for the way in which patients live their lives afterwards can be huge.

Using bleaching gel and a mouthguard, you can do most of the whitening work at home. We’ll make the mould of your mouth, making sure it fits your specific needs as it should. This will ensure comfort and ease of use for you. You’ll be supplied with everything you need to carry out the process. Laser whitening is another option that you might want to consider if you’re looking for fast results and the best outcomes. Talk to our dentists about which approach to the procedure is going to be best for you.

We have a team of talented and experienced dental professionals who can talk you through the process and introduced you to everything that you need to know about teeth whitening. You will be helped and talked through each part of the process. It’s a simple and straightforward kind of process, so it’s not something you need to worry about. But if there are any concerns you have or questions you want to ask, there will always be someone on hand to help and provide you with answers when you need them. There are many other procedures that might suit your needs better, so it’s important to talk to dentists who know their area of specialism inside out.

At BestDentistLarnaca.com Dental Center, we fully understand how important it is to provide proper support and help to people who come to us. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us if you want to learn more about the whole teeth whitening procedure. Consultations allow you to make a decision that’s right for you, and you will be under no obligation to go any further than the consultation stage. Make a booking on our website today.

Aesthetic Teeth Bonding

Chipped, cracked or broken teeth can be made to look like new again through bonding. With this procedure, a special type of material is matched to your tooth and bonded to the surface to repair any damaged areas.

Teeth Bonding Larnaca CyprusWho wouldn’t want beautifully white and healthy teeth? A radiant smile can improve your mood, boost your confidence and make you more approachable in every situation. However, reaching that goal can take a long time and a lot of hard work. You’ll need to have excellent dental hygiene but if you’re trying to reverse old habits, then it might already be too late. However, thanks to Aesthetic Bonding at BestDentistLarnaca.com Dental Center in Larnaca, that dream could become a reality. Aesthetic bonding is able to repair broken, chipped, and even cracked teeth back to give you the beautiful smile that you deserve.

Dental bonding is a dental treatment that mends broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. It’s more than just a cosmetic treatment, however, because it seeks to actually heal the teeth as well. BestDentistLarnaca.com Dental Center in Larnaca offers a premium aesthetic bonding procedure at an affordable cost. Aesthetic bonding works by using a resin that is colored the same as your teeth and then applying it to the patient’s damaged tooth. Once applied, it is then securely bonded to the tooth using a special light, fixing any damaged, cracked or chipped teeth in their mouth.

Our dental bonding service at BestDentistLarnaca.com Dental Center is affordable, reliable, and will last a long time. It’s far more economical than similar cosmetic dental surgeries and it doesn’t take forever to do. If you’re after immediate results, then dental bonding is for you. We use premium resin to ensure that your teeth look beautiful and healthy, and we make sure that our aesthetic bonding procedure gives you permanent high-quality results. Our dental bonding procedure makes sure to fill in every gap that your smile has to give you the best results possible. Few dental practices can offer the same level of expertise and quality that we have.

One of the biggest fears that people have during an aesthetic bonding procedure is how they are treated. There are many horror stories of people experiencing pain or being treated poorly throughout the entire surgery. Our dental bonding team will ensure that you are treated with the utmost care and respect to give you the best customer experience you could ask for.

Our dentists will make you comfortable by answering any possible questions you may have, as well as informing you of what the surgery will consist of. Any information that you’re unsure about will be answered, and any concerns you may have will be put at ease. We’ll let you know everything from how long it will take to what type of instruments we’ll be handling. We’ll also ensure that our aesthetic bonding procedure is right for you and can fit your use. If we feel like your tooth cannot be bonded properly or if there will be side effects, then we’ll let you know and offer you alternative treatments such as dental implants. Our goal at BestDentistLarnaca.com Dental Center is to give you the best results at a fair price, and we aim to put a smile on your face no matter what procedure you request.

Tooth Reshaping

With this procedure, a dentist grinds away parts of the tooth to reshape it. Typically this method is used in conjunction with bonding.

Dental Implants Planted and Secured

Dental Implants in Larnaca Dental ClinicIf you have lost a tooth due to an accident, worry no more because, in cosmetic dentistry, they can easily replace it. Known as implants, this procedure will have a screw implanted to your jaw. These replacements are made of titanium and have a crown that it will support. Maintaining proper oral hygiene after this procedure is vital to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Replacing missing teeth is best accomplished through the use of dental implants. With implants, a screw is surgically attached to your jawbone, and a false tooth is attached to the top of the screw. This provides a permanent replacement for your missing tooth. Best of all, unlike dentures, it can be treated just like any of your other teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

If you’re looking to make your smile shine, then porcelain veneers are a technique that you need to invest in. BestDentistLarnaca.com Dental Clinic Larnaca, we offer porcelain veneer procedures that will help restore your smile and make your teeth shine once again. Perhaps you’ve neglected your dental hygiene in the past and you think you’ve done irreversible damage, or maybe you’re losing confidence in your appearance because your smile isn’t as beautiful as it was before. Whatever your situation, let our veneers team help you recover your dental health.

Porcelain Veneer Larnaca CyprusFirst, a cast of your teeth will be made after choosing a colour tone that suits your teeth. A specialised liquid is then applied to your teeth to clean it, and it also acts as a bonding agent that we’ll use to attach the mould. Once done, we’ll fit the porcelain veneers into position to give you the smile that you’ve been looking for. It will fix any imperfections in your teeth, help close gaps between your teeth and give you sparkling teeth that will last long assuming you take care of them. It’s a simple process and we’ll walk you through the entire thing. You can ask us whatever questions you like, and our team will be more than happy to give you guidance during the procedure.

A crooked set of teeth can now be solved by using veneers which are thin porcelain casings that can be cemented over the tooth. These are also used to fix a chipped tooth. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are shaped like teeth and are perfect for camouflaging problems such as discoloration or misalignment. They are attached to the front surface of the teeth to give a perfect smile.

If your teeth are cracked, broken, or decaying due to bad dental hygiene in the past, or even due to an accident, it can become problematic for the future. These effects can do long-term damage to your oral health if left unchecked, but that’s why our veneers service is one of the best solutions to remedy this problem regardless of your current situation. Even if you’re not a hundred percent sure on what dental services you need, we’ll be happy to help with recommendations on various cost-effective treatments that can give you the results you’re looking for. Even if porcelain veneers aren’t the right treatment for you, we’ll have plenty of alternative treatments on offer.

At BestDentistLarnaca.com Dental Clinic in Larnaca, Cyprus we pride ourselves on our staff and our expertise in porcelain veneer procedures. We’re also fully capable of carrying out regular checkups and maintenance to ensure that you’re taking care of your teeth after the veneers are bonded so you can have long-lasting oral health that will keep the veneers working and looked after. Although veneers are great at restoring your smile and giving you control over your dental health, they do need proper care or else their effects won’t last long.

Whether you need further assistance or recommendations, our veneers team will be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us for advice or if you’d like more in-depth information about porcelain veneers and the many benefits they could offer you. If it’s long-lasting and immediate results that you’re looking for, then nothing beats the value and reliability of porcelain veneers. Within just a few treatments, you’ll have sparkling teeth and the best oral health that you’ve ever experienced.

Damaged No More

For damaged teeth with intense discoloration, composite bonding is usually suggested. This procedure will fix your decayed teeth by drilling into your teeth to remove the decaying part and replace it with a material that closely resembles the enamel of a tooth. Considered as one of the least expensive treatments, many people go for this procedure.

Shaped your teeth to perfection

Reshaping is also a popular service that most people opt to take advantage of. For people who have a chipped tooth or they just simply do not like how their teeth are shaped, they can easily get this treatment. Results are fast compared to wearing braces for two years that is why many prefer to do this procedure.

Bridging the Gap

Also known as pontics, dental bridges are false teeth that are a replacement for missing teeth. It is also used to bridge a gap between teeth that have a missing one in between. These are made from porcelain and can last until ten years as long as you observe proper oral care.

Often these procedures will need to be combined with one another to give you the ideal smile. For instance, someone might need dental implants to replace a couple of missing teeth, bonding to fix a cracked tooth and tooth whitening to brighten their overall smile.

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If you think that cosmetic dentistry might be something you are interested in, you can book an appointment for an evaluation with a our cosmetic dentist team in Larnaca to get an idea of which procedures might be the most beneficial for you.

Although cosmetic procedures typically aren’t covered by insurance. However, BestDentistLarnaca.com dental center offers financial help on our cosmetic procedures to make them more affordable for you.

Ask our professional dentist team which procedure can be applied to you. Work your way to a better smile Today!